What is your level of awakening?

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There is a story of Paramhansa Yogananda.

Someone who came to meet Yogananda claimed to have perfection and claimed extra ordinary powers too. Paramhansa silently listened. The man went on and on. Finally, Yogananda said, lets put the powers to test. lets both see the living room of the neighbor looks like and what is happening there right now. The visitor bragged a bunch of lies and Paramhansa quietly described the living room in great detail.

Another incident. Vivekananda was giving a talk (I believe it was Vivekananda not Paramhansa Yogananda). Suddenly, in the middle of the talk, he challenged the audience to ask him anything they wanted to know. The city was unknown to Vivekananda. Someone asked Vivekananda if he could describe the city a few blocks away. Vivekananda asked, do you want me to describe that area above the ground or below the ground. He then went to describe what was above the ground what they would find if they dug under it too. They verified it.

Now we all know the story of how Babaji created a real palace in the thin air, true to touch and smell, sight and sound and taste.

There are many more higher stories. One of the greatest stories is that of Lazarus. How Jesus brought his decomposed body back to life.

These are various levels that slowly reveals themselves as we progress. First 2 incidences are high. But yet…there is much more.

I am amazed by the internet. Amazed by the number of people proclaiming spiritual excellence. Amazed at the number of people who throng to be with them.

So my friends sit down. Relax. Examine yourself. Examine your own motives. Examine your sincerity. Are you willing to persevere? Will you be able to endure the trials of life with a smile? Are you able to really learn from your Guru? Remain faithful to his wisdom?

Vivekananda had one of the highest Guru of all times. Ramkrishna. After Ramkrishna left, in his early years, Vivekananda spend days after days, merely sitting in meditation. On his journey, he met Paavahari Baba (I have written about him in another blog). Paav Ahari. Means one who lives on air (only eats air). Vivekananda learnt many pearls from him. Paav ahari was not easy. Vivekananda would ask him questions and instead of replying, he would make light of it…and turn him away. Then a few days later when Vivekananda visited him again, he would give the answer in casual conversation. Vivekananda said, must you hide yourself?

He laughed, lest the. World starts the tradition of the clan of nose cutting saints. Vivekananda asked him if he could teach him Hatha yoga. He said yes. That night as Vivekananda was drifting to sleep, he saw his Guru Ramkrishna sitting at the edge of the bed with a sad face. He did not say anything. This happened 3 days in a row. Vivekananda got the message and gave up learning about Hath Yoga. He had received Raj Yoga. He did not need another Guru.

What is my point? Everytime you think you have reached a level, there is a higher level for you. First my friends start. Learn to go within. See if you can tell your mind to stop desiring and the mind should stop desiring, like a tame dog. Tell your mind not to worry and it should stop worrying.

This is a wondrous journey. But try. Try again. Work hard. At some point, the Divine mother will shower her grace. What choice does she have?

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