Sohum kriya or Hungso Kriya

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Before I got covid, someone asked me about more information about Sohum kriya. What I will write is more what Yogananda taught in his letters to those who wanted to become disciples.

Many webpages are out there which will descibe it in a more elaborate manner but this does not mean it is meaningful

Gurudev taught this too but…that is a matter only his disciples can tell more.

The general premise is as follows

As we breath in there is a certain sound produced -so

and as we exhale, another sound is produced – hum

The disciple is told to listen to the sound produced by the breath. This sound is produced 21,600 times in a day. All that is to be done is to meditate on this sound. The sound is spontaneous and natural.

Now, having said all this, I believe there is a deeper secret to it. A secret that only your Guru can reveal to you. Moreover, any person who decides to follow the sohum kirya without a Guru will quickly realize that they fall asleep or their mind wanders. The so called wonderous results of Sohum kriya will remain a goal far far away or people may get imaginary success.

For this to be successful, a Guru is needed. He has to awaken your shakti. The shakti has to be awakend at a fairly high level (there are 9 levels which i have described in other blogs). The disciple has to be very sharp, his mind very stable and not having flight of ideas.

I have written what I know accurately. However, what I meant is NOT what you will understand. Why? because we are talking 2 different languages. What is 1 plus 1 ? A few people will say 2. Some will say 11 if we put them side by side. But the answer is 10. I was asking 1 plus 1 in binary language. Thus,what I have said, so many times , in my blog is NOT what people understand. I know that. It makes me sad. Why is there the difference in the language? I am interested in Yoga. I am not interested in any part of the material physical world. An average reader can only think of the material world that they see. And they will remain there.

The way out is simple. Stop thinking in terms of the material world Give up your love for the material world. Then in time you will understand that there is a deeper truth to this material world you are so enamored with. And with that you will have a thirst for finding a Guru who can give you that deeper expereince. A point will come where you will cry for a Guru. You will quickly realize you cannot go far ahead on your own. And all the so called Gurus out there are all worthless. The inner beautiful world is so close but without a Guru taking you there, you cannot see the marvels within.

Those marvels will enthrall you. Absorb you. Soon you will not like this world. You will not like doing anything in this world. You would rather spend time, with eyes closed, lying in bed or sitting meditation rather than do anything or talk with anyone. With those closed eyes, you will finally bcome the most active person in the world.

Often times, there are typing mistakes. I regert them and I know those mistakes have given the wrong impression. My apologies

What I wrote in the last 3 paragraphs – much of it is a copy from Mahayoga Vigyan. I draw these distinctions so people are not under the wrong illusion that I have any spiritual progress. I am not here to collect money from anyone and not here for any fame. My purpose of writing it, is mostly for my kids. I hope that with the information here and in my other journals they will have enough ability to recognize a true Guru from a fake one.

So , back to the question of Sohum kirya. Yes it is wonderful. Beyond wonderful. It is the path and method. It requires deep concentration, a Guru who awakens the path for you, awakens your shakti and constant practice.

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