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The great game

Link to Original Document Sri Aurobindo has stated what was known to all of Sanatan dharma The whole thing is a Royal drama. God created the universe, hid himself within each atom, then told find me ! This is my version. But instead of finding God within oneself, people look outside. And they can’t find …

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Link to Original Document Stillness – it simply another word for Samadhi This is not the stillness in a stone. A stone is quite still but it achieves nothing. It is a tamsic stillness, Or the stillness of someone who smokes significant pot, or alcohol and goes into stupor. This still, is the stillness that …

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Easy Paths lead nowhere

Link to Original Document I like the last line here from Mother The soul individualises itself and progressively transforms itself into a psychic being. What are the best conditions for its rapid growth? It would be more correct to say that the soul puts on a progressive individual form which becomes the psychic being. For …

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