Easy Paths lead nowhere

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I like the last line here from Mother

The soul individualises itself and progressively transforms itself into a psychic being. What are the best conditions for its rapid growth?

It would be more correct to say that the soul puts on a progressive individual form which becomes the psychic being. For since the soul is itself a portion of the Supreme, it is immutable and eternal. The psychic being is progressive and immortal.

All the methods of self-knowledge, self-control and self-mastery are good. You have to choose the one that comes to you spontaneously and best corresponds to your nature. And once having chosen the method, you must use your intelligent will to apply it with an unfailing perseverance that does not shrink from any obstacle, any difficulty. It is a long and minute work which must be undertaken with sincerity and continued with an increasing sincerity ever more scrupulous and integral.

The easy paths generally lead nowhere.

The Mother, Some Answers from the Mother, CWM volume 16, pages 246 – 247.

I probably should explain a few things

Psychic being : This is word coined by Aurobindo. It was not needed. The Vedas and Shastras have talked about it too. If you read Kath Upanishad and observe the character of Nachiketa – that is the characteristic of a person truly seeking liberation. It is a more organized architecture of the soul in its journey and the soul is determined for liberation.

In order to achieve the “psychic” – status one has to endure significantly, be willing to give up pleasures of life, endure and be determined. It is a Herculean task and can be quite depressive

Once this level of clarity is achieved, the path is easy. A Guru will come seeking you. You will get a Guru for sure. All your burden is taken up by Shakti and your Guru. Now it is only a matter of time – liberation. The fruits of your painful and hard work is about to bear fruit

Without this , you will get nowhere. Many religions offer paradise – for nothing. Just believe in God and you have a free pass to Heaven! Or accept my God as the greatest and you are assured heaven. Just come to the temple or church. Donate this money. Or say this prayer. Or sprinkle some water. Or go on a pilgrimage. Walk around this temple. This mantra. Or just read. Or debate and learn by v reading.

In these traps, many get caught. They waste many many lives. In fact from my perspective I see more than 99% of the People trapped.

But true progress is fighting against our own personality. Truly wanting God. Trying to meditate. Not giving into temper. Not giving into frustration or desires or seeking money or prestige. It Is not a small feat

But once you can do this – then you will delight. After this without teasing you can understand. You can guide others. Tell them more about the path

But your journey is far from over. There is much more to be achieved. Layers and levels you can’t even imagine. Even your wildest imagination cannot go to those astral realms.

Choice is yours

The wrong path where your ego is enhanced

The right way where your ego is trashed out.

Painful but the only way, my friends

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