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Is this an Ordinary simple statement?

You cannot be free unless you have burned the seeds of past actions in the fire of wisdom and meditation. ~ Sri Paramahansa Yogananda, “Yogoda Satsanga annual-series booklet” This is a profound statement! It gives a complete solution! Karma – until all karma is destroyed you can’t escape Reading this is karma. Breathing is karma. …

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Hidden enemies

To find freedom from the enslaving power of the senses, the greedy, angry, sensual individual first must avoid the material environment that easily excites his specific psychophysical weakness, and then must kill the inner desires that will otherwise accompany him wherever he goes. The devotee who exercises outward self-restraint and thereby feels secure against temptation …

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A riddle and old poem

Tell me tell me What it is No thought no logic No ego no emotions Neither life nor death Who am I ? Knowledge limits you Beyond understanding am I Compassion am I But I have no compassion Love I have none For love am I Thus spake the great The riddle to be solved …

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