When will I have true awakening?

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First finish your obligations!

  • If you look at Lahiri Mahasaya or Syam Charan he was trying to go to higher levels but could not. He buried himself in sand and mediated as a child but could not go much further. He was forced to work at the railway and when that responsibility was over, he was called by Babaji

  • Same thing with Vishnutirthji Maharaj. He worked as an attorney till he was 50. Then when that karma was dissolved he got awakening

  • Narayantirthji Maharaj was told to go home and take care of his family and parents. Then after 20 years he had awakening. And all siddhi given in a few months

What is the moral of the story?

  • You are not Pandit Kalidas or Gyaneshwar that you get awakening at age of 5

  • Shakti is never happy with those who pursue spirituality without taking care of all obligations

  • Doing work that you hate the most will help you regain the lost control of mind Do it

Remember, even the great Goddess Lal ded, worked as a wife waiting for a sign from God before she left her house ! She is one of the immortals, even now somewhere in Kashmir, who has maintained her physical body 5 centuries later Vishnutirthji had many talks with her. Of course we are not privy to those talks

What happens is many people are averse to cleaning themselves or learning self restraint or working or taking care of responsibility. So why not become a Sannyasi? That is a sure way of not making progress

Shakti does not get deceived. Shakti does not get awakened fully without diminishing karma. Even with a Guru Grace, Yogananda got seriously sick and suffered for 3 months. Past karma had to be paid off in full. One way or other.

I have found many times that when some karma was paid off, after that my mediation got deeper. So never fear hardship. It is a step closer to God.

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