Category: Maya or Satan or Delusion

Navratri – Chaitri, Durga stories and meaning.

It has been a while since I am writing.  In the Indian calendar there are 2 navratri – the one we all know about and the other is chaitri.   The regular navratri is usually in October and this is usually in March.  In the regular Navatri which is more widely publicized  people are supposed to …

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Avidya or Agyan or Satan or Maya

What is Avidya or Ignorance? The truth is this world that seems so real to us is nothing but a dream in the eyes of god. We may understand this accept it but that does not help us. This is avidya. In the bible this goes by the name of Satan or lucifer. Everything that …

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Last night, I was at the movies.  I was curious if I could go into meditation without pranayama.  I would close my eyes, do the Jyoti mudra (without using my hands) and immediately the prana would flow back from my hands and start moving within to the Brahmanadi.  My hanands and feet would become numb.  …

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