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Science of fields part 1

Here is an interesting article. It talks about a patient who lost his eyesight but could still navigate around a complex maze ! This is not some hocus pocus or saint blessings by just an extension of ….. How ? Scientifically impossible. The author here considers it as anextension of consciousness But it is not. …

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A riddle and old poem

Tell me tell me What it is No thought no logic No ego no emotions Neither life nor death Who am I ? Knowledge limits you Beyond understanding am I Compassion am I But I have no compassion Love I have none For love am I Thus spake the great The riddle to be solved …

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Last night, I was at the movies.  I was curious if I could go into meditation without pranayama.  I would close my eyes, do the Jyoti mudra (without using my hands) and immediately the prana would flow back from my hands and start moving within to the Brahmanadi.  My hanands and feet would become numb.  …

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