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Hero worshipping!

Link to Original Document This is a big flaw that everyone has. When you think about it – it is a shame and disgrace. The news media, what’s app etc uses it to manipulate us. The advertising media uses it too A few examples A person not washing hands after shaking hands with a celebrity …

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What is ego?

Link to Original Document Ego is a force within Maya, that has permeated all the different universes created by God It is present every where . It is within Maya itself. And being present in Maya, we are under the illusion that Maya or the devil is real. There is no Maya or the Devil. …

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[Link to Original Document] Many things Every process in progression is a repetition Repetition is of 3 or 5 or 8 ( elements ) Example is of eating. I will not explain further. It is self explanatory Since the repetition is from lowest level it has advantage and disadvantage Advantage – analogy to the highest …

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