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Life story – on ego

Link to Original Document This is true for everyone. Maya gives people success only to destroy them later. Why? It is a cat and mouse game What happens is that those who achieve success make the Cardinal mistake that the success was because of their skills and intelligence. There couldn’t be anything further from the …

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Soham , sohum or Hung-sau

Link to Original Document Mohangiri Maharaj said it best This is the sound occurring 21,600 times a day in all humans. It coincides with the breath. All one has to do is observe it. Paramhansa Yogananda called in Hung – Sau. Gurudev and Mohangiri Maharaj called it soham. I will describe it – what I …

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Why a country fails – Karma

Link to Original Document Just like humans have karma – which must be endured,similar is the plight of a country. I believe it was Vivekananda who said, India went through misery since the country did not help others when it could have thousands of years ago This by itself becomes a warning for ruling countries …

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