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According to Koreans it is a super power a super weapon Nothing extra ordinary but ww just don’t use it. Here is a brief article on it Nunchi is the subtle art of gauging other people’s thoughts, feelings and needs in order to improve your relationships through deeper trust, harmony and cooperation. Known as the …

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We are foolish

We are foolish. Words like ego is used. We think we know what ego is. But we only know things with in the limits of our body and intelligence Ego as Ramana maharshi used is different than what we understand

Ramana maharshi About samadhi

But you don’t know what the heart is It is NOT the beating heart It is NOT the emotional aspect It is NOT anahat chakra ( 12 petal in chest ) It could be the heart described in saundarya Lahiri by Vishnuturthji It could be the heart described by Abhinav Gupta. He was a fully …

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Nothing more needs to be said – from Yogananda

You see, this world is a world of maya, delusion, and man is kept hypnotized with that delusion. Our mind has convinced us of so many limitations. Someone says, “I must have my cof- fee.” Another says, “I must have my juicy piece of steak,” and so on. It is a crazy world. I see …

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In the Bible

Of course it takes more than the Veda, upanishada , Vedanta to understand it. The beauty of the Hindu Shastras it has a perfect description of the path to being still – without thought

Not entirely true

Ramana Maharshi made a statement. I don’t entirely agree. If you think About it your will agree with me too

Stories of Vivekananda

This is rather long but incredible. The greatness of Vivekananda Listen to the incident starting at 28 min 45 seconds

Truly the highest!

Simple statement – but misunderstood

What you think is wrong Purified mind – what is that? A mind that loves God? A mind that has no desires? Into the heart? – what is that heart? The physical heart in the left side of chest? An allegory for the emotions? The heart of God or shiv ? Do you think your …

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Just compare!

So there are many preachers. And you will find yourself in tune with someone. Someone so find jumping Around and chanting God name to be perfect. Others will find using a rosary the best way. Someone will say mediation and others will say Shakti is the way. Then there are those who say Gyana or …

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