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Link to Original Document This is a word meant for yogi. I will not fully explain what it refers to – only because a Guru should do that Basically it means that I am. That refers to God Yogananda referred it to hungso technique. A peculiar sound produced by the breath with breathing out and …

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The stupid circulation on what’s app

Link to Original Document There are multiple stupid things that circulate on what’s app. I see it often. Most of the time I am unperturbed. This time since a friend I know who is intelligent circulated it , I thought I Would write about it. IT is unlikely he will read my blog First about …

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Those who think they know it

Link to Original Document They know nothing Ram Gopal Mazmudar even after 40 years of meditation, knowing all about Yoganabda6, the light of God constantly present in his room and could heal Yogananda illness in a fraction of a second said, “he is still starting” There is much to experience. Don’t be satisfied with your …

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