Please don’t get me wrong

When I mention these questions, please don’t follow me or ask me for answers.
I don’t have any answers. I am quite illiterate in this matter
I raise these questions as they cross my mind so someone who has “knowledge” can tell me things
Thank you friends
I don’t look up things on the net, or do google searches or go hunting for a guru or read books


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  1. Dear Dr. Bhavindave,

    Can you teach real Kriya Yoga or Yoga to someone who want it with his heart? If you can I want so much to contact with me and guide me. If you dont can you advice me where I find a real practical guidance?

    Thank you!

    Your blog is very unique and I find it today. I felt intuitively to write you for guidance.

  2. I want only God, I want to return back to home. Please my heart is burning to find a way to go back to our Father’s place. Shakti is out of her place and searching Shiva and cant find him because darkness cover the way. And that hurts. Please help me.

    1. My dear friend George
      God always fulfills the wishes for those who really want it ! No one is of the caliber of Yogananda at present
      That path if Kriya Yoga starting from Babaji is alive to a handful who are extremely advanced, able to maintain multiple bodies simultaneously
      All, ALL those who make extra ordinary claims are generally deficient
      I can pray to God that if your interest is genuine he guide you to the right person
      I don’t see anyone that is famous who can awaken shakti
      God bless you my dear friend George

  3. Dear Dr. Bhavindave,

    Thanks for your direct answer. Thank you for your pray and I hope to find a real way to find God. Is a way to take the teachings of Yogananda’s SRF organization? Can you suggest me a path that is real and that I can awake Shakti? I realize that to find God first you must awake Shakti.

    Thank you!

    1. True. The direct way to god is to awaken shakti. There are many levels. Only a Guru can do that.
      Those who can truly do that always remain hidden. It is a huge responsibility and they do not take it lightly.
      What I see on the net is nonsense.
      Pure thoughts , enduring bad times without anguish or complaining help awaken shakti , serving others are simple steps that help find a Guru

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