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Purity and Love, Aurobindo, techniques to fight faults

My blogs have been written, solely for my children. I do not wish anyone lead them ashtray in the matters of spirituality. All my accounts, if read and understood, should be signs of the true way to God. Until one has experienced all these things, one still has not fully caught on to the strong …

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Vice and Virtue

Virtue is a problem to liberation just as much vice is.  One must rise above both.  There is a story in the Bible about Abraham who was given instructions by God to take his son to the top of Mount Sinai and sacrifice his son.  Just before he was about to sacrifice his son, God …

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I was asked, do you go to Church.  My answer was no, the Church comes to me.  The real church is where there is love for God. What is purity or a pure person?  A person who only has love and desires only for God, is pure.  Everyone else is impure. Love demands nothing in …

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