Purity and Love, Aurobindo, techniques to fight faults

My blogs have been written, solely for my children. I do not wish anyone lead them ashtray in the matters of spirituality. All my accounts, if read and understood, should be signs of the true way to God. Until one has experienced all these things, one still has not fully caught on to the strong current that takes us to God.

In the end result, all that is needed is absolute purity. The only sin is not to love God. When I say love god more than our love for money fame family wealth vengenance anguish etc. One must love God and give oneself up to him completely thoroughly not caring for a single thing in this world – no anguish, no depression, no vengenance, no bitterness, no regrets, no thoughts of helping anyone, no selfish desires! Relinquish them all, and only want and love God. One must be able to love God even when God puts us through bitter trials. We have to prove to him, that nothing in the world matters except him. Then and only then, will he accept us and Shakti knows we are sincere and we mean “business”. I cannot stress this enough. To reach this state of purity is very difficult.

A few days ago, I forgot to mention, Gurudev showed me the few spots or defects in my Antarkarana. For the most part, it is pure. There are a few small spots and Gurudev saw me fumbling. He laughed and said, dont worry, I will wait for you till your cleaning is done. It is only a matter of moments. However, moments in the spiritual world could translate to several decades for us in this mortal world.

I am slowly but surely getting there. Nothing matters, except to love God. Reminds me of the book by Gyanmata – “God alone” The title of the book says it all.

Sri Aurobindo has decribed 2 ways to get rid of the faults (in the last steps) – either by extrusion into the environmental consciousness or by the light of God in the subconscient. I finally experienced both ways. When it goes to the environmental consciousness, it continues to haunt us repeatedly (like a yoyo moving horizontally, always coming back giving us momentary peace). If converted by light, it is more permanent but still takes time. Aurobindo, did not describe when it goes in the environmental versus converted by light. I experienced the difference and this is the difference. When the fault bothers us, we dislike the fault or we are attached to the fault, it will get eradicated by going into the environmental consciousness. If we are at peace, indifferent to it, then the light of God will permeate into our body and get rid of it.

Lastly, when the faults are overwhelming, we are desperately trying to get rid of it but it attacks us repeatedly, there are a few things that can help the process

1) Doing Kumbhaka

2) Try to remain calm

3) Trying Mantras

4) Using a strong will – Nothing matters except God and I will not succumb to it because if I do, will have to come back to this hell called Earth. I only seek and love thee God, and I do not want any part of this fault or anguish except you

5) Eyes focused on Agna chakra

6) Even when all of the above fails, one thing that can be very effective is, focusing at Agna chakra, a strong will, slight kumbhaka and doing the “lion face” which is described in Yoga text books. Yogananda has described a partial technique of the lion face in his SRF lessons – wrinkling of the forehead around the Agna chakra.

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