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Vyadha Gita

There are many Gita. The Gita that most people quote is Bhagvad Gita. But there is Ram Gita, Avdhoot Gita, Vyadha Gita, Uttar Gita, etc Gita in sanskrit means song. This is the celestial songs, which the greatest sages have made. These savants cannot be mimicked and everything else that people write is merely an …

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Last night, I was at the movies.  I was curious if I could go into meditation without pranayama.  I would close my eyes, do the Jyoti mudra (without using my hands) and immediately the prana would flow back from my hands and start moving within to the Brahmanadi.  My hanands and feet would become numb.  …

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Guidelines for Yoga / Rules of Yoga

I changed the name from rules to guidelines. The reason for calling it rules, is because in my opinion, doing yoga is like going into battle where one is constantly battling ones sanskaras.  In other words, in order to win this battle, certain rules must be followed. If one reads any scriptures regarding Yoga and …

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