A modern story of Ganesh – failure of the mind

In 1995 there was a huge story circulating through out India. Ganesh and his idol is alive and drinks milk


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What happened was some devote had milk too the idol. ( Left it on a container near Ganesh idol). And the milk disappeared!

The news spread like wild fire. Not to be out done , many other temples had to tell the public, their Ganesh did the same. Many people in their house had the same thing too!

I hope you are getting the picture.

There really was no Ganesh drinking milk. Some capillary action, surface tension and physics had the answer for milk disappearing. In some cases.

Not in all, and not for the silver idols. Etc.

What happened there? Human weakness. Imaginatin. Ego with made up stories

Now if you repeat the lie to yourself or others a few times, very soon your mind will believe the lie.

And that is the failure of the human mind

The ego has to be satisfied. The mind is imaginative. The imagination is triggered by things you have read or heard. The person is trapped in his web of deceit

The same thing happens in most people who have Awakening of the Kundalini / Shakti / chakras.

They read or hear it observe or may have observed about Awakening. And very quickly the human mind and body starts demonstrating it. There is a sudden feeling, of peace or some power or body movement etc. God only knows how many of them are true

I have had many many people tell me about such things happening to them. I silently listen. They ask me about it. And I say it is good. They are good signs. What I don’t tell them is – are your are it is not your own mind playing tricks on you? Like the Ganesh example?

Since the mind can play many many tricks, the great Saints, scriptures, , Gita did not talk about Awakening. Most people have a weak mind and imagine things rather than having true experience. They get trapped their web – which starts from ego, strong desire to be known or tell others of progress, a depressive need to know that you are progressing, etc. Do you see how it is a failure of the Mind.

So the wise saints and Gods of India, often times omitted this. When you are ready , your Guru will tell you about it, after you have an experience. Not before. Since paths are different, there may be some uniqueness!

Why am I rambling about this? Just a caution – don’t get trapped into thinking you are progressing. My points are as follows

  1. True Awakening of Shakti is extremely rare
  2. Full Awakening is almost non existent
  3. Don’t believe in miracles of others – be careful. Often intentionally or unintentionally made up
  4. One sign of Awakening – a drastic change in personality. The person becomes calmer , better
  5. The peace is tangible. Meaning you have adverse circumstances but remain calm
  6. Your desires for things in the world suddenly disappear
  7. You crave being alone
  8. You have great faith in Shankar
  9. You no longer read books or search things
  10. You have experiences – something very specific to your lineage.
  11. You suddenly realize you don’t want to tell anyone about these experiences. And you don’t. The moment you wake up from meditation and you want to tell the world about it , that very thought shows it was not a pure experience
  12. If you tell the experience, you only tell it to someone very advanced so he may guide you.
  13. Every experience, has subtle clues on how to jump forward. Your guru can guide you on it. If you tell the experience for showing off, you still get a compliment not guidance. That’s what you want right, a compliment?
  14. The highest miracles as described by Patanjali in Yoga sutras – vibhuti pada are true. I was fortunate to witness them. But it is exceedingly rare, and even those who have it do not display there is no one would can do it at present – these things are always hidden. That is my biased opinion.
  15. Read only books that are true and written by enlightened people. If you read any books and things on the net, your mind will absorb the wrong information and you will be struck with it to the end. You simply cannot get rid of it. I very strongly recommend against reading anything except a few handful of books. If you can become a become a successful engineer by reading one comprehensive book, why read volumes of worthless things? Do you want moksha or salvation? Do you want to experience that higher consciousness? Or go and waste your life seeking “information”. Reading about a million things will only take you away from the highest consciousness!

The highest consciousness or experience is something that cannot be described in words. Someone has to give it to you.

Your choice ! Pick

  • [ ] imaginative mind
  • [ ] Collect information
  • [ ] Imaginative experience and brag
  • [ ] Experience higher consciousness

Life is short. You don’t have much time. It takes a lot of effort to change the mind , become calmer, get rid of desires

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