Let us all applaud on the stupidity on the net. What’s app
So many profound foolish statements abound

Look at this statement
No anger means no enemy outside!

But there are many times, enemies on outside just create fear, anguish, despair.

Enemies – outside? Where is outside when you are in mediation!

If you don’t get angry, do your enemies disappear? Evil doers still exist!

But the surprising thing is – people applaud. And they spread it!

Hinduism has many profound statements! Many of incredible parables.

But who has the patience or desire!

Remember Arjuna – he was of same age as Krishna. He had no clue of the wealth with Krishna till he turned 65!

So those who have an awakened Shakti don’t display it. It is kept very well hidden. They await a sincere disciple.

If they don’t find one, it is not revealed! There were many such great Saints who no one ever new!

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