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Guidelines for Yoga / Rules of Yoga

I changed the name from rules to guidelines. The reason for calling it rules, is because in my opinion, doing yoga is like going into battle where one is constantly battling ones sanskaras.  In other words, in order to win this battle, certain rules must be followed. If one reads any scriptures regarding Yoga and …

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Last 3 days the meditations have been deeper. No matter how deep you go, you can always go deeper! 2 days ago, my meditation was so deep that all that was left was an awareness of a mass of energy. I suspect that this is the “siddhapitha” one of the places between Agna chakra and …

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Siddha Yoga April 5, 2009

I am getting more and more secure in going to the Sukshma world quickly. I saw today Shakti and usually see Gurudev regularly. One thing, I am beginning to understand the way to becoming a Siddha. Siddha, when I use that term, it does not refer to merely having powers but a state of perfection. …

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