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Levels of Progress – from Mahayoga

Once again, this is part two of the above blog. It has been written for my children. May I request you, if your not my children to skip the blog please? There are 4 levels or steps in progress Prarambha Avastha. This is the beginning stage Here one begins to experience smaller signs of awakening …

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Different Yogas

The world is innundated with different yogas. Whatever path you follow, I wish you luck The following blog is written for my children. It is very basic but yet profound. May I request you that if you are not my children, perhaps you should stick with whatever definition of yoga you have and not read …

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Patanjali Yoga

Q. What is yoga? A. Chitta vritti nirodha iti yoga what is chitta? Chitta is something that is a reflection of God. This is to be differentiated from Chitt. After chitta something within it wants to enjoy and that is the soul. One has to go way beyond the soul to reach chitta. Preventing the …

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