Different Yogas

The world is innundated with different yogas. Whatever path you follow, I wish you luck
The following blog is written for my children. It is very basic but yet profound. May I request you that if you are not my children, perhaps you should stick with whatever definition of yoga you have and not read further?

I only believe and follow the traditional yoga. I do not acknowledge the newer yogas such as vikram yoga etc.

Yoga means to get united (with God)

There are words which people use such as bhakti yoga, gyana yoga and karma yoga. I will not talk about them, but they are already present in true yoga. People who do not want to follow traditional yoga, are deluded in thinking they perform gyana yoga or bhakti yoga by singing or dancing and karma yoga by merely performing action. Truth is those things cannot be performed without perfection of Yoga

Most of the things I have written is from Maha Yoga. It is also known as Siddha yoga.

Before we go to those yoga, let us talk about the traditional four other yogas

Mantra yoga : here the disciple is given a mantra and slowly the recitation takes them within. In this Yoga it takes 12 years for realization

Laya Yoga : This is more of a pleasant meditation where the disciple is given an inner manifestation of God and he trains his mind to merge into God that way. It takes 9 years for realization

Hatha Yoga : Here the disciple is given the secret of prana, or chi. Prana is not breathing. It is a maha shakti. Disciples who are given this achieve success in 6 years.

Raja Yoga : Raja people consider it to be the royal way. And since not much as been written about it, people have generally considered anything they do as Raj yoga. This of course is not true. I have written about this in great detail elsewhere. WIth this method success is in 3 years

The time frame of 12, 9, 6 and 3 years has been given in Mahayoga.. The word used was realization. Even after realization much work has to be done.

So, now what is Mahayoga or Siddha yoga? It is a combination of above. Shakti when awakened does the actions and does it best suited for the personality of the disciple.

The question then comes up why do people practice Yoga for many births while here success is talked about in at most 12 years? Paramhansa Yogananda talked about success in 12 years, no matter who the disciple is. Most assuredly.

So we do not get success that quickly for 2 reasons
We do not practice diligently and follow all the injunctions
Each of those yoga are given to a disciple with many ideal characteristics. We have all the flaws and very little qualities so, in truth we are not ready for any of the above awakening. That is sad but the bitter truth.

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