Negativity versus Positive attitude :Difficult but very successful

The greatest thing you can do to
cultivate true wisdom is to practice the
consciousness of the world as a dream.
If failure comes, say: “It is a dream.”
Then shut off the thought of failure
from your mind. In the midst of
negative conditions, practice
“opposition” by thinking and acting in a
positive, constructive way.
Paramahansa Yogananda
“Man’s Eternal Quest”

I am a witness to this statement. One of my uncles, has lived all his life this way! Nothing in this world has ever phased him

He has influenced and nurtured me the most. I have seen many dramatic events in his life – never once have I seen him upset or be negative about life

Even circumstances in his life has bowed down before him I have often said if only I could have his personality and attitude, you can be the greatest yogi for sure in your next life!

The mind has been preprogrammed to have doomsday scenario. This has to be stopped. Even though you have had failures a thousand times in the past

Only condition is continue to act in the righteous way

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