How to quiet the mind?

A very common problem.
We can focus the mind with ease on tasks related to worldly activity.
But tell the mind to stop thinking, start to see the divine, love God, etc and it a Herculean task

Maha yoga vigyan and paramhansa Yogananda talk about it very clearly
My blogs have said it clearly. Yet no one picks up on it. Even those with awakened shakti will not gasp it or follow it or implement it

The mind, emotions, prana and breath are all interrelated. When anyone stops all the other things stop automatically

The very advanced spiritual souls can stop the mind at will. That is what Ramana maharshi did. He did say though that those who can do it were great yogi in the past.

In general we need all steps. If you can stop getting emotional, the mind loses 80% of its Power. On the other hand if you remain analytical and emotional even an awakened shakti can’t take you to the divine

This is why Yama and niyama is needed – control of thoughts and body.

Eat less. Always get off dinner plate feeling hungry. You can never meditate with a very full stomach.
No alcohol. Sorry
Meat Dulls the mind for mediation

Practice practice. Practice. The mind has many years of going randomly in all directions. It is foolish to think you can control it in a month or a year!

But slowly and in small steps it gets subdued.
Staying and talking with someone who has control helps intensely

Don’t get impatient

Certain traits automatically give control. True love for others. Forgiving others who hurt you. Faith in God. Reading my blogs gives more Wisdom and gives you a quest and hope

There are more things but who knows if I will have the energy to write it

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