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Should I read this blog?

NO These blogs are not meant for everyone.   There are many “experts” and “gurus” out there and I would strongly recommend going to them.  I do not offer much in way of material gains at all.  What I offer is meant for a select few people who are determined – determined, not casually interested …

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Fundamentals that are a must to know

Just a collection of one line thoughts! My last written blog of adhara was incomplete due to the computer crashing.  The whole article was written and the computer crashed!  1) Surrender occurs in three stages.  a) Surrender with effort.  Here there is surrender with the sense of I ness. As long as there is a …

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Shradha or Shraadha

This word is pronounced as Shraadha. It is an occasion celebrated differently in different parts of India in different ways. It refers to the rites done by the children as an oblation to their deceased parents and forefathers. The Full moon and the subsequent fortnight in the month of Bhadarva is the time given to …

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