Paramhansa Yogananda, Out of body experiences, Subtle worlds

My vision from this morning was a very clear perception of Yogananda maharaja before his samadhi.  I saw him being brought in, in a wheel chair in a banquet hall.  He did not want to go to the stage / center seat in a wheel chair and he made the supreme effort and made it to the central chair with assistance without the wheel chair.  His face was shining with the brilliance of the light of God.  He knew his last minutes had come.  He had a somber smile on his face.  I bowed to him in my mind.  I got a little distracted and could not hear him speak – or his last words.  The next thing I knew he had collapsed and passed away. 

I saw his body lying in the coffin – such a serene peaceful smile.  Then my samadhi was broken!

A few more words about Yogananda Maharaja.  He is still very much active in the subtle world.  It should be noted that having an out of body experience or OBE as many people call it is not any proof or is not spritual.  On the other hand, a very advanced spiritual person can have the mastery of OBE.   Besides this gross physical world, there is the subtle world.  In the subtle world, we communicate with the subtle body.  It is the subtle body that has the OBE.  We generally lump the subtle world as all in one.  The truth is there a many many subtle worlds.  Each subtle world has its own barrier and we need the right visa to enter the extremely high subtle worlds.  Many people who have OBE (out of body experience) go to the inferior worlds where there is chaos, mayhem and a lot of evil elements.  Some may go to worlds that I call as lateral worlds which have a similar build or make up to this world.  Very few people can go to the higher subtle worlds.  There is a wide range of higher subtle worlds also.  One has to have extreme purity, surrender and love for God to go to the higher worlds.

So, please dear reader, do not dwell on OBE.  Yearn for the purity and surrender and then you can go to the true sublime higher worlds.  It is like it is stated in the bible, in John 14:2 In my Father’s house are many rooms; if it were not so, I would have told you. I am going there to prepare a place for you.

There is a detailed description of these other subtle worlds in Yoganandas book Autobiography of a Yogi in the chapter the resurrectio of my Guru.  Moreover there is a book called the Tibetan book of the  dead.  Lastly, Gurudev has described these worlds in detail in “Muktashastra”.  Gurudev has decribed the exact location of these subtle worlds and the point of communication of us with the subtle world.  Needless to say, there is a corresponding location in this body which leads us to the other worlds.

So, is my knowledge all theoritical?  By all means no.  I go to these subtle worlds regularly.  I have been to “Sadhan dhama” twice and I have described this in my blogs in more detail elsewhere.  This “sadhana dhama” is the place which my subtle Guru Vishnutirthji Maharaja took me to.  In the higher subtle worlds there is more pleasure, more clarity.  The rules of seeing through the eyes no longer exist. One can see things with any of the senses!  If one gets thirsty or wants certain things, simply by willing it, it is produced instantly.  There is no effort or work needed like it is needed in this world.  If one has finished ones duties completely in this world, and we still have unfuilfilled desires, they are fulfilled here before we can move on to the causal world. 

There are subtle worlds which only deal with past and future events – in the hindu literature they are given the world Chitra lekha or chitra kuta.  If our consciousness can remain there, then the events of this world begin to unfold.

Beyond these subtle worlds, there is the causal world.  Perhaps I can describe them at some other time.

There are four states of consciousness – Awake or Jagrat, Dream or swapna, Dreamless sleep or Sushupti and Turya or samadhi.  Gurudev used to say, we can only experience three of the four consciousness.  If the shakti is fully awakened, then dream or swapna is eliminated and we go to Samadhi or Turya.  If the shakti is not awake then we only experience Awake, dream and dreamless.

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