Category: Yogananda

A different take on theory of karma

Let’s say you do something. You want to lose weight or pass an exam. You don’t do well. And you make another effort and again you don’t do well. What do we do ? We get sad. Upset. Give up on it emotionally But this is what Yogananda said “Failure season is the best time …

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Boat, wave and ocean

Everyone knows this But first you must know your the wave – the soul. But we identify ourselves as the boat in the ocean. The boat here is the body. Where is the hope of wave and ocean. First get rid of the body consciousness. Do it once. Not in deep sleep. But consciously. Then …

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How a Guru May act

Many ways. Depends on the disciple. To change his errors. Flaws. The biggest flaw is not knowing he is the divine From Yogananda he said, Ignorance is the archenemy of man. Therefore, to guide yourself and others by wisdom is the greatest wisdom. To all those who are around me, I speak without weighing my …

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