True Pranayama = Kriya Yoga = Mahayoga = Siddhayoga = Kevali = Keval kumbhaka

Patanjali Bhagwan has described the 8 angas or steps of Yoga.  One of the steps is pranayama.  I refer to the true pranayama and not the nonsense that we hear all the time on the news and from charlatans and from books on Yoga or from even well meaning but self deceving, self proclaimed Gurus who have a text book knowledge of it.  

So, what is the true pranayama.  I have said this repeatedly in my blogs and since it is rare, since we hardly ever do it, we often chalk it up to nonsense.  BUT THAT IS NOT TRUE.  A TRUE YOGI CAN DO THE TRUE PRANAYAMA. Such a yogi is not interested in TV or media or teaching it to anyone.

Reading these blogs can only be partly helpful.  It gives the ingredients and maybe a slight push in spirituality but the real ingredient is tightly controlled by the great Gurus of the lineage.  It is an awakened Shakti.  However, the lineages for the most part, do not have any spiritually advanced Guru who can do the true kriya, let alone transmit it.

I will once again give some guidelines as to what the RESULTS of true kriya yoga are.  These are the results of doing it perfectly but you need a true Guru to learn the how

1) The prana is withdrawn from the body.  First it is withdrawn from the motor system and then much later from the sensory sytem.

2) The prana is better drawn within the body by the attention fixed at agna chakra and the breath held in.

3) When the attention is fully there at the agna chakra and the prana ascends there – the breath gets lost.  It is converted to pure consciousness (sometimes thought or mind).  As a result, at the end of the kriya, you breath within again and no exhalation is needed

4) The limits of consciousness begins to expand and intuition becomes more and more refined

5) With every Kriya, as the breath gets transmuted, we are absolved from one birth!  Thus some sins can be washed.  This is very clearly stated in Uttar gita, Mahayoga vigyana

6) When the sins are being washed, every so often the birth that is being washed can become visible.

7) There is peace

8) Visions become more clear. 

9) The senses get inverted and no longer does one seek happiness in this world or with the senses.  In time we learn that true happiness and joy is within and is independent of all the senses.

Thus the superiority of Yoga and Pranayama. It saves us an effort and countless births.


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  1. Is Sombargiriji Sombaribaba?

    1. No

    2. No

  2. Where i can learn kriya yoga?

    1. It can only be learn in slow steps only under the GUIDANCE of a someone who is an expert in it. Find someone who can take a breath and never exhalate! :)

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