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True Pranayama = Kriya Yoga = Mahayoga = Siddhayoga = Kevali = Keval kumbhaka

Patanjali Bhagwan has described the 8 angas or steps of Yoga.  One of the steps is pranayama.  I refer to the true pranayama and not the nonsense that we hear all the time on the news and from charlatans and from books on Yoga or from even well meaning but self deceving, self proclaimed Gurus …

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The Book of Job

My daughter asked me a question if the book of Job was accurate. Let me relate the story of Job briefly.  Job was an extremely pious and pure person.  He had a wife and 7 sons and 3 daughters.  Job constantly asked Gods forgiveness for the transgressions of his children.  Satan then goes to destroy …

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Purity and Love, Aurobindo, techniques to fight faults

My blogs have been written, solely for my children. I do not wish anyone lead them ashtray in the matters of spirituality. All my accounts, if read and understood, should be signs of the true way to God. Until one has experienced all these things, one still has not fully caught on to the strong …

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