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Was Ramana Maharshi a yogi?

Well, he talks about observing where ego or thoughts come from. He gives everyone freely, and discusses ideas But… But , in some dialogue he very clearly talks About yoga. He even talks about kriya yoga This is a clear indication of him talking in terms of yoga The sattvic mind resolves itself into the …

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The inquiry method

Ramana maharshi talked about the insurer method On surface it looks like it is nit yoga and your contemplating But that is not true. All the thoughts you have in the inquiry method becomes an object and is no longer the source So he talks about who am I? And says find the I Now …

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Success develops arrogance and the man’s spiritual progress is thus arrested. Failure on the other hand is beneficial, inasmuch as it opens the eyes of the man to his limitations and prepares him to surrender himself. -Talk 423. Sri Ramana Maharshi The question is – does the same apply to spiritual progress? Depends on the …

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