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In the last a few days, a thought has passed by. Without giving details, how often should one meditate? Yogananda said if you read one hour meditate for 10 hours He also said meditate twice day 8 hours a day Vivekananda and Ramkrishna talked about 24 hours of mediation Yoga sutras imply something similar It …

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Karma – Shaivism way

Everyone has their own definition. And they use their own logic and add prepositions etc According to Babaji and Yogananda, true karma or satkarma ( pure or good karma ) is ONLY THE KARMA THAT LEADS TO SELF REALISATION! ( refGod talks with Arjuna) Everything else is akarma ( wrong karma ) Your efforts to …

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God Patanjali wrote about yoga. He gave the world the fastest way to liberation. It can be as fast as 3 years. However , for that you need to understand and implement exactly what he said Having said that, those ego can explain it – there is maybe one person right now. Since most readers …

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