Saints are not heartless

So the world is in turmoil. So much agony. Disease. Misery. Crises.
People know of Babaji. Besides I am to believe there is Krishna, Rama, shakti, Jesus, Buddha. All full of loving and caring

Them why is they so much suffering! Oh I forgot, the famous Indian theory of Karma.

I am not sure we can explain fully why there is suffering. All convenient in theory. So now do you understand why I say saints are not heartless – is that true?

This is a story about Yogananda

The cosmic motion picture……
There is another angle about duality, or good and evil, that I want to explain to you. If a movie producer made motion pictures only of angels, and showed them in film houses morning, noon, and night every day, he would soon have to close up the business. He has to produce variety in order to attract people’s attention. The bad man makes the hero look so much better ! And we like plots that are filled with action. We don’t mind looking at exciting movies about danger and disaster because we know they know they are only pictures. I remember one time when I was taken to see a movie in which the hero died, it was such a tragedy ! So I stayed and watched the next showing of the picture until I saw the hero alive again, then I left the theatre.
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
The Divine Romance. P.114

What I find curious is that Yogananda knew it was a movie. Yet he could not bear it that the hero died. He went back again to watch the hero reappear So soft and caring was his heart

Now if they have so much caring even for a movie, how much more is their love for the grand motion picture ( which we call life) created by God. To us it is very very real. Of course they have a lot of caring.

So back to the real world. Why is there suffering and why do the saints not help. The truth is the saints have helped a lot. The burden of sin on this world is so immense that without the intervention of Saints the world would have perished a million times over.

On a cloudy day you don’t see the sun. Did the sun cease to exist? The cloud. Our karma blocks the sun ( God). Patanjali taught us about wind. When it blows, the clouds disperse the sun appears.

So the saints came and left messages and clues how to disperse clouds and have a bright shining sun in our life. Very few people will follow it. Everyone has their own notion on how to destroy karma and thus suffering. And many of them are partly true or incorrectly understood. What can be done?

From time to time I write about it. Yogananda talked about it. Many others did. But the saints have limitations in telling us precisely. Why it is a practical method. You can read books on how to drive. But you need an instructor how to drive to truly learn

We used to go out Guru place. We would not eat. But just meditate. And we would ask him are we doing it correctly. How do we correct the wandering mind? Etc. and 40 years later we finally learnt a few things. The one sentence go within. Seems simple but in reality has a lot of deeper meaning. It is only learnt through mediation.

Since it is complex, and truly takes a long time, intellectual discussion cannot give us an understanding but only meditation can , one has to learn the method practically. Since everyone has a different flaws the teaching is individualized

I still complain to the saints.

Yes Dorothy there is Kansas

The saints have a heart

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