Truth or fact?

fact can be sometimes be harmful…
Truth is always wholesome; fact can sometimes be harmful. However true it may be,a fact that goes against good is only a fact;it is not truth. Never reveal unpleasant facts that cause meaningless suffering to someone else,such as speaking out unnecessarily against the another character. This is often done to well known persons by sensation-seeking news papers or magazines. The motive is to hurt the individual’s reputation,or to reap plersonal gain in expense. Do not bring upon yourself the bad Karma that results from revealing harmful facts against others, when no true or noble purposes is served thereby. When you must evade, revealing some unpleasant fact, be sure you also avoid implying whar you are trying to hide. After all God is forgiving ; and we,His children, should be forgiving. Why should you be the medium of someone else’s harm.? Your hurtful action will rebound and harm you,too.
Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda.
The Divine Romance… Page::39.

Often times when we utter things, even though true, we do it because we want to hurt others. Either from jealousy or anger. Or we want to have a bigger name / fame. Or win the heart of someone or the public

So this whole statement is a huge warning against all politicians through out the world – they all want to build their empire based on facts and then stoop lower to just blatant lies

This is not just true in politics. People do the same thing in social media. In relations. Gossip. Even in organized religion. Im social work. Everywhere

Organized religion is not spirituality. Spirituality is individual between disciple and Guru. Even those meetings are private. The disciple can openly tell his Guru his failings. The Guru doea not judge or tell others about your failings. All he wants us you to make progress

So now if you go back and think about it. We have committed this error many times over. Especially when in public position

Why ? Our goal was to achieve something in this world. We did not stop to think of our spiritual progress

Truth but itself – Sat is something very different. Everything bows to that luminous truth. That luminous truth also goes by the name Shiv. It is sometimes that starts by saying only God exists. Everywhere. Oh what an error I fell from thee. Know that truth we turn back. Repent. And merge into pure consciousness. That is spirituality. Now in that truth where is the scope of what others do or did. It is irrelevant to you going within

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