May 2020 archive

Saints are not heartless

So the world is in turmoil. So much agony. Disease. Misery. Crises. People know of Babaji. Besides I am to believe there is Krishna, Rama, shakti, Jesus, Buddha. All full of loving and caring Them why is they so much suffering! Oh I forgot, the famous Indian theory of Karma. I am not sure we …

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Last minute

If you keep your mind with God, you will be Free…….. When desires come,be guided by wisdom, not by whim or stubbornness. If you can control your senses and keep your mind with God, you will be free. But if, on the last day when the time comes to go to the Heavenly Father, the …

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Vyadha Gita

There are many Gita. The Gita that most people quote is Bhagvad Gita. But there is Ram Gita, Avdhoot Gita, Vyadha Gita, Uttar Gita, etc Gita in sanskrit means song. This is the celestial songs, which the greatest sages have made. These savants cannot be mimicked and everything else that people write is merely an …

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