How words betray you!

Here is an incorrect understanding. His words betrayed his level of experience

Your inner peace or happiness depends exclusively on how you train your brain with your mind. Brain is an organ, mind is consciousness. With daily meditation and practice of mindfulness, japa and worship, the energy centres (chakras) slowly balance and align with higher intelligence. More sincere and focused you are with your daily practice of not spending more time fixing external situations…

I will not finish the rest what he said ! This was posted by someone in my medical group Who is an ardent follower of a Guru


Peace is something tangible. Something like a dollar or a gold coin. It can be transferred. It can be lost. With purity of consciousness the abstract form goes away and now freely available ! That peace is Shankar. That is given on shakti awakening. That is under the control of an enlightened person!

Peace is not dependent On the mind or attitude. The mind and intellect or brain bows to it. They totally lose their power to go to the world

So I urge people not to read books or random blog filled with ignorance

There is an interesting story. Ramkrishna Paramhansa slowly became more famous. One local wealthy business man approached him and wanted awakening! Ramkrishna said no. Your not ready yet. Just leave. Now this person was adamant. Approached him repeatedly.

Who wouldn’t? Awakening is a wonderful thing. So finally Ramkrishna said fine. Kicked him. And then the person left

2 weeks later he goes back to Ramkrishna and said take your awakened shakti back. I don’t want it. I am not ready yet. Ramkrishna asked why? What happened.

Now Ramkrishna of course knew what happened. But for the benefit of other disciples he has asked.

The man lamented. So after the awakening I was having wave after wave of perpetual joy and peace. It was very intense. I could not focus on my business, wife or children. Now my business is folding. Family is unhappy. Please take it away. How can I work ?

So we may think we are ready. But we are not. We would be unhappy if something happened to our family, money. After all in this world you need money. Do you really want to live on the mercy of others?

So whatever a Guru does is perfect. Accurate. Whatever meager awakening we get is always more than we are ready for

Not everyone is born ready like Vivekananda or Yogananda! All their life that’s all they did. And never worked. The arrangement for money was made by God in subtle hidden ways

I was also punished this way by my Guru. I kept asking for a taste of divine love. It was unbearable. Fortunately it was short lived for a few months Why unbearable? Curiously the love of God is present in every atom. Every living being. From an insect to humans. It is that very love that humans have not grasped. It was twisted and used for material things. That is the divine throb of The heart of Shiv

So now you know peace and joy is tangible. Not dependent on circumstances or attitude

Don’t listen to wrong things and struggle and waste your life with wrong ideas

The wrong words of the person betrayed him that he has a long way to go ( the first paragraph)

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