In continuation – peace

So those very fortunate people who are given peace – peace to such a high degree. And joy to that degree – are worthless
Worthless from a society standpoint. They remain incapable to work. Once in that state , that state is so intoxicating, they don’t move from one place to another. They lie Or sit. Don’t even talk. Or Eat.
They constantly drink the immortal nectar living off the inner light This is what the Bible said. This is what all Yoga text book say. Such a high state is rare.

So all the avatars in their life time will visit such great saints and worship them. Rama visited many such great saints during his time in the forest. It is possible Christ during his missing years met them too

Ramkrishna paramhansa remained in that high state. He gave it to Vivekananda for a short time. Then took it back! If I give it to you longer, you will not do my work or talk with others.

Yogananda met some of those saints, constantly in divine ecstasy. They are what I call as Saint makers They invite divine vibrations so the saints may emerge. But they themselves remain hidden. No where to be found

I believe many such Saints are there in india. Hidden. We can’t ever find them. They are not in public. Somewhere in some inaccessible place. That don’t require food. If someone is ready get called.

They are fully aware of us. There were a few like that in Girnar. They left their body a few years ago. No one new of them. They never left the forests

I am their child and pray to them to glance at me for just a second. Not greedy!

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