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We get it all wrong. We are sensitive to things that offend us. But not sensitive to the v feelings of others. Such is a manifestation of ego It is easy to understand. But time and again we fall prey to our ego and get hurt All the world problems right now , the discrimination …

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An old repost

“Sundere sundero ram sundere sunderi katha Sundere sunderi sita sundere Kim na sunderem” This verse says most beautiful is Ram and Sita and their story That’s why Sunderkand is very beautiful. This is a chapter in Ramadan The real reason is Sunderkand has detailed yoga related instruction written in a very cryptic way. Hanuman flies …

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Name of God and other miscellaneous experiences

Today, we were reciting Sunderkanda.  Now, in the version of Sunderkanda as recited by Ashwin Pathak, in some of the shlokas he follows it by Shree Rama Sharnam mama.  However, he speaks Ramaa instead of the traditional Rama without an aa at the end of m.  The normal and real pronounciation is M with an …

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