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Ramayana stories – Hanuman battles Ahiravana and Mahiravana (interpretation)

During the battle between Rama and Ravana, Ravana’s son Indrajit is killed.  At that point, Ravana calls his brother Ahiravana for help.  Now, Ahiravana is the king of Patala (the underworld).  (There are many variations to the story.  All of them can be interpreted spiritually).  Ahiravana promised to help.  Vibhishana somehow manages to hear about …

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True Pranayama = Kriya Yoga = Mahayoga = Siddhayoga = Kevali = Keval kumbhaka

Patanjali Bhagwan has described the 8 angas or steps of Yoga.  One of the steps is pranayama.  I refer to the true pranayama and not the nonsense that we hear all the time on the news and from charlatans and from books on Yoga or from even well meaning but self deceving, self proclaimed Gurus …

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Navratri – Chaitri, Durga stories and meaning.

It has been a while since I am writing.  In the Indian calendar there are 2 navratri – the one we all know about and the other is chaitri.   The regular navratri is usually in October and this is usually in March.  In the regular Navatri which is more widely publicized  people are supposed to …

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Self Realization Fellowship (SRF) energizing exercises (contd)

I would like to continue on expounding on SRF exercises.  I wrote about it briefly in the past.  However, to understand it fully, one has to have a clear understanding on prana. Yesterdays blog and elsewhere in my blogs there is a more precise explanation of the prana. As we talked about, the only way …

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Meditation on Chakras

I did not get a chance to write yesterdays blogs.  I was orginally planning to write about sex, meditation and yoga.  Is it wrong? Is it right? Is it a hindrance? Is it somewhere in between? There are some unwritten secrets about shakti and sex which Gurudev talked about and was also written by Shankaracharya (one …

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General thoughts

Spiritual Books can be writte in 4 ways 1) Pure fantasy or fiction 2) Books which are a compilation of information (I hate to use the word knowledge because true knowledge of God is only when one has experiened him) from a variety of books.  Often times authors dont give credit to their source except …

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Miscellaneous thoughts

In order to stay in meditation for longer durations, one has to learn the technique of turning the heart off.  Somewhere, I have described this technique in previous blogs as Yogananda Maharaja explained it to me about 4 years ago.  It takes a long time to reach that stage.  However, right before this stage is …

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I have started translating the book written by Gautamkaka.  It is under the blog It describes the great tradition of our lineage which started 1000 years ago and still continues

Guidelines for Yoga / Rules of Yoga

I changed the name from rules to guidelines. The reason for calling it rules, is because in my opinion, doing yoga is like going into battle where one is constantly battling ones sanskaras.  In other words, in order to win this battle, certain rules must be followed. If one reads any scriptures regarding Yoga and …

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SRF lessons

There are other countless references to Yogananda here in my blogs.  I will focus here more on some of “mudras” referred to in Yoga books and by Yogananda Maharaja in his SRF lessons. There are three techniques that were revealed in general by Yogananda Maharaja 1) Hung sau technique 2) Jyoti Mudra (in ancient terms …

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