Meditation on Chakras

I did not get a chance to write yesterdays blogs.  I was orginally planning to write about sex, meditation and yoga.  Is it wrong? Is it right? Is it a hindrance? Is it somewhere in between? There are some unwritten secrets about shakti and sex which Gurudev talked about and was also written by Shankaracharya (one of the other disciples of Babaji?) 1000 years ago.  I may write a little about it later on.

Yesterdays meditation was not as deep.  But it was invaluable.  I finally learnt the technique of how to keep ones vision focused on the agna chakra and yet meditate on the lower chakras.  The utility of this is in acquiring siddhis.  I have no need for it but yet it is something that one has to master.

What I learnt is my swadhisthana chakra remains upturned and Manipur chakra can be opened with minimal difficulty.  Today, during meditation,  I developed more mastery over manipur chakra.  The petals in the front, when I turn them upside, it draws the prana or circulation from the right leg. The left petals correspond with the prana in the left upper extremity and right petals correspond with the right upper extremity.

However, interestingly, for the first time, I was able to withdraw prana or the life energy at will.  Such control is a must for a true Yogi.  Yogananda had total control over it and was able to stop breathing and his heart beating at will.

Unless one has true control over the prana, spiritual healing or the ability to awaken the shakti of another disciple is non existent.

There are 3 things needed to control where you want your prana to ascend to (that is which chakra)

1) Perfection of the Jyoti mudra

2) Your will

3) Depending on how far upwards your gaze goes, determins what chakra your prana will ascend to

It takes about 6 months of meditation on each chakra to get the siddhis of the chakras.  Do not attempt to go for siddhis.  It is very tightly regulated and siddhis are not permitted without the grace of higher beings.

Vivekananda Maharaj said, if you want to know the construction or all the nadis of the body, meditate on mainpur chakra.  Todays meditation was a revealation that yes, that is true. 

Gurudev has a very detailed description of meditation in Muktashastra.  It about 30 pages long.  He describes how the shakti flips over at the manipur chakra and it only after the shakti flips over a the manipur chakra that Sayama as described by Patanjali develops. One has, at that time, increasing control over not only the mind and intellect but also over the chitta (the store house of emotions and past births).   It gave me great pleasure in knowing that my experience matches what Gurudev described to the T.

The more I become adept in meditation, I am beginning to realize what a fantastic book Muktashastra is.  It has a lot of secrets never written before.  Secrets about Krishna, meditation, stories about Rama, etc which are only known to a Yogi who saw their lives in meditation.  At some point, I will begin to translate it, if  I can get the book and the blessings for the great beings.  Such a book is invaluable.

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