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Thoughts on thoughts

I just love this note writer crafts at craft.do http://www.craft.do https://www.craft.do/s/byeh7SUhEsoWYg Again this is an outside link

Half baked knowledge

**The new age is “****Saakshi bhaav”orwitness attitude.What is it? Just silently observe. Observe your thoughts and emotions! Aurobindo talks about it and there is mention of it in Sankhya yoga ** **In case you were not aware Gita is based on Sankhya yogaThe newer Buddhists technique interpreted the witness attitude in either mindfulness or vipassana …

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Types of meditation

In reality, there is only one meditation. Merging into pure consciousness is the only meditation. It is Samadhi but there is much more to it. Very few reach there. Why? Because they get stuck in all the other types of illusionary meditation or misunderstood meditation **So what happens in true meditation. The mind is dissolved. …

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