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I will give a few bare details. I would like to clarify that most of the web pages have given junk and often mixed with a few true things and then wrapped in a package of fantasy. This of course makes it very difficult for a beginner to filter the truth from the fantasy. Many people fall prey to the mumbo jumbo on the web and falsely think the blog writer is enlightened

At present there are no enlightened people out there. They exist, but would be very difficult to find them. They do not have a web page etc, and often reside in solitude -unknown to all including their family

First the basics

  1. Our goal is to find peace and joy.
  2. After much turbulence of finding joy in the world, we realize it is not there. What exists is fleeting and in the end always disappointing
  3. We then focus our attention on religion and give up on it. Many liars and fakes
  4. We then change to spirituality. Everyone has a different definition about it. Everyone thinks they have the answer or think they have someone with the answer. Eventually they give up on that too
  5. After much much work one realizes that it might be with God or Atman
  6. Why God ? Why the word Atman? The word God often creates conflicting thoughts. One may call him Allah, other Krishna, other Jesus, or other father of Jesus, or Shiv etc. On the other hand Atman is easier. It is different from soul. Automatically it is an entity that gives peace (Shiv) and joy and it is the self

Now we are at the point of searching for Atman.

  • A few points for clarity
  • Atman is pure consciousness
  • It is the very self of everything
  • One may call it he or she or it or anything. Does not matter
  • It is not the soul like people think incorrectly

We can read many upanishads and veda. They all talk about Atman. In my opinion, when Krishan recited the Gita, he was describing himself established in Atman. People associate that status as exclusively as Krishna but that is not true. Similarly when Jesus said My father and I are one, he was referring to this Atman.

Atman is not just a theory or fabrication. It is real and it is to be experienced. Reading about it can lead to an interest in it. But cannot deliver anything. It is all powerful. It is both omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient All miracles can be done and experienced by someone who is established in Atman. The depth of identity with Atman gives varying degrees of powers emerging. Starting from trivial powers to much more. Those with much more like Neem Karoli Baba, Shirdi Sai Baba are rare. Very rare. Or like Gyaneshwar , Kashinathdada, Gurudev etc


Finally we are at the point of discussing how to get to Atman. Why not find it in this lifetime and get lasting Joy and peace? What is the reason not to? God would be very foolish and selfish, if he existed and made it impossible to find. That is outright, torture and wrong. Sorry God.

However, he did not make it that challenging. The atman can be found, with effort and guidance. Without guidance, you cant really reach there. The road is complex. Complex because of the ignorance of our mind.

So how do we start to find Atman? After all like I said, it is present everywhere? If everywhere why can we not find it?

The first thing to realize is that if it is everywhere, one must focus on something that is with us all the time. You can really start digging an inch of a hole all over your garden and hope to reach the well. It has to be concentrated effort in one place!

The only thing we have with us all the time, no matter where is the body. So respect the body as a temple where you can find God or the Atman. Now where should we start in the body? There are many parts of the body. Atman is pure consciousness. We may not know much about consciousness yet, but one of the characteristics of consciousness – that most people will acknowledge is – breathing and thinking. The place where the breath and the brain meets is in the center of the forehead. It is the place where Agna chakra for the yogi exist. So in other words you can say it is the epicenter from which you can begin to appreciate Atman.

There is another reason for that place as the starting point for meditation. Body as we know begins from the sperm meeting the ovum. When the sperm meets the ova, there is a spark of light (sperm enters the ovum) (spark comes from zinc – medically research showed zinc and light). According to Yogananda, the place where the sperm and ova meet becomes the medula oblongata, the site which Yogi say corresponds to Agna chakra (not identical but similar)

Hence meditation starts with focus on the Agna chakra. It should be sustained, without breaking , without thoughts and sustained for at least an hour without any interruption. Then suddenly, a glimpse of light, (easier to see it in a very dark room) appears. This would be the beginning.

After much sustained immersion, you finally realize and begin to see that it is everywhere. You have proof. You suddenly begin to know what the other person thinks or feels. Or you have glimpses of the future. There will be a snow storm or there will be a covid outbreak in a few years etc.

In short, i have given a few small tips.

You may chose to follow random reading, jump from tree to tree or chose to remain on one tree, one method and reach there quickly.

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