Self deception

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The biggest hurdle we have is self deception

We think that we are higher than what we are, Have experiences greater than what it is and fight to hold on to our ego and wrong concept and perceptions

I have seen many disciples who falsely assumed they go to highest, go into Samadhi when they have nothing. Yes their shakti was awakened but also lost or stagnant

It is sad. A great opportunity lost

The path is not to stroke your ego but it is a path to be humble

They moment you inflate your ego all progress comes to stand still

Do not compare yourself to any other disciple

Help them if you can. If they ask for it. Or if divinely commanded

This is what mother said

What you should do is to throw the doors of your being wide open to the Divine. The moment you conceal something, you step straight into Falsehood. The least suppression on your part pulls you immediately down into unconsciousness. If you want to be fully conscious, be always in front of the Truth – completely open yourself and try your utmost to let it see deep inside you, into every corner of your being. That alone will bring into you light and consciousness and all that is most true. Be absolutely modest – that is to say, know the distance between what you are and what is to be, not allowing the crude physical mentality to think that it knows when it does not, that it can judge when it cannot. Modesty implies the giving up of yourself to the Divine whole-heartedly, asking for help and, by submission, winning the freedom and absence of responsibility which imparts to the mind utter quietness. Not otherwise can you hope to attain the union with the Divine Consciousness and the Divine Will.

The Mother, Questions and Answers 1929-1931, CWM volume 3, page 133.

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