Foolish questions that seem intelligent

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Someone sent me a video. The video showed a few questions asked to a “swami”. The answers were not very clear. I will not give the answers to the questions – not in my own way but point out why the questions dont make much sense

I will start off with a classical question. This was asked to Vivekananda. His answer is brilliant and unparalled. This itself shows that Vivekananda was enlightened and experienced reality / truth

The question was “why did God create the world”. Vivekananda said, ask this question in the right format and I can answer it. The questioner asks, what do you mean? Vivekananda said,”what you are asking is why God who is perfect make an imperfect world? If God made this imperfect world , he is not God (someone perfect)”.

The more recent question that was asked, “If this is a dream, then is everyone having the same dream?” The answer given in the video was an attempt to explain it. However, my answer is different. Just experience it. Everyone gets a different understanding, based on the level of experience. Those who have not even started, will try to use logic to compare and explain.

Another question that was asked was what is Maya? I have written about Maya at many places. I will not repeat it. Again, it is to be experienced. When Vivekananada was asked that question , what is Maya, he just gave the person an experience. That makes it easier.

However, when you are given an experience, you become egotistic and can fall. However, when you can go to that experience on your own, it is yours. There is no ego there, because ego has to be destroyed to get that experience. Those are the true people

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