July 2021 archive

A question

Link to Original Document Yesterday I asked a question to people who work with me They hated me. Suggested I torture someone else Since this is purely voluntary, you may think twice before reading further The question If you came back to earth, and God gave you an option – which option would you take …

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A benevolent God

Link to Original Document Someone asked a question – rather made a statement But first a few words Omnipotent – all powerful everywhere Omniscient- knowing all So the sentence is If God is omniscient and Omnipotent then he is not benevolent And if he is benevolent then he is not Omniscient and omnipotent It should …

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Our personal enemy – ourself and our ego

Link to Original Document So when I spent my younger years with my Gurudev, I learnt two things very quickly Never interrupt Gurudev. He will immediately drop the subject. It was not because he was offended but he saw it as a sign that the divine did not want you to hear higher things Never …

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