Faith and surrender

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We talk of faith and talk about surrender. Some people describe it like taking The plunge into the divine.

Here is a nice question posed by a child to Mother ( Aurobindo)

But you see the sea and so you can jump straight into it. But how are you to jump into the spiritual life?

Of course, you must have had some glimpse of the Divine Reality, as you must see the sea and know something of it before you can jump into it. That glimpse is usually the awakening of the psychic consciousness. But some realisation you must have — a strong mental or vital, if not a deep psychic or integral contact. You must have felt strongly the Divine Presence in or about you; you must have felt the breath of the Divine world. And you must have felt too as a suffocating pressure the opposite breath of the ordinary world, drawing you to an endeavour to come out of that oppressive atmosphere. If you have that, then you have only to seek refuge unreservedly in the Divine Reality and live in its help and protection, in it alone. What you may have done in the course of your ordinary life only partially or in some parts of your being or at times and on occasions, you must do completely and for good. That is the plunge you have to take, and unless you do it, you may do Yoga for years and yet know nothing of a true spiritual living. Take the whole and entire plunge and you will be free from this outer confusion and get the true experience of the spiritual life.

The Mother, Questions and Answers 1921 – 1931 with Commentaries on the Dhammapada, CWM volume 3, pages 21 – 22.

So some glimpse of the divine is needed. God is not cruel. Someone, somewhere he makes his presence known. What happens is our logic mates is us think- did it really happen or say the miracle was just coincidence

The other problem is also there. Some people take refuge in a fake or liar. And attribute all success to a Self proclaimed but hypocritical, money seeking, fame seeking self proclaimed Guru

How do you differentiate?

By purity. A true manifestation is very subtle. You immediately wonder was it true? Oh maybe I am imagining it. I am not sure. Later that subtle feeling our glimpse is evident outside. Not only within. And that is when you know your Guru

But the initial glimpse is within. Or a Guru can give you a glimpse within

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