Mental games

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One of the curiosity of the human mind is playing mental games

What do I mean by it?

Simple – let’s say that a yogi is supposed to eat less. Now if someone has a self portrayed image of being a yogi, naturally he will show in public he rarely eats. And when he eats he will say oh it is because my disciples get offended and sad. An act and ruse from ego

On the other hand a true yogi would just be honest and say, yes the sense of bodily consciousness is strong and I try to overcome it

Now which scenario is more inspiring?

So many people play these games. In life. Wanting to portray a great personality but scum within

But why is it a problem? This week aspire to be on the path play these mental games! They try to test!

I recently came across who was reading my blog. I knew it but I did not reveal it. Not my business. Now this person pretended not to know about my blog. Why play games? It only hinders

I try to tell some people, divinely guided, of course but the power if Maya is very strong. I may Say contradictory things but both of them are true. Instead of asking why or how, people get upset. A golden opportunity is lost

There are many levels to Shakti awakening. Someone who knows them has to be awakened and if you know none then there is no awakening

A Guru can hint but he will not proclaim in public.

Faith – it is something spontaneous and is present and reveals itself when logic says impossible. This is not mathematics where logic makes it correct. It is beyond all calculative conclusion of logic. It automatically knows. But substantial purity is needed. Faith is the first step to freedom.

Reading books and logic can’t help it merely gives a proper order of events and helps guide a novice in selecting a proper Guru.

Generally an impure mind will only find an impure and worthless Guru

Only pure hearted can hear true words. And appreciate it

I have had a few questions – but some things can only be answered in person.

Lastly today is Guru Purnima.

Paying tribute to your Guru. I helped a few people do puja in Philadelphia. They were told the truth. But strangely like I told them the entire burden is on them

If they like what I say that is a burden of looking which came from their own mind

If they hate me, that is a burden that was created by their own mind

My actions do not exist – since I want nothing. Talking is a burden. Peace within is what is enduring

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