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How long to know yourself

Link to Original Document Gyana or wisdom or enlightenment does not come gradually, little by little, day by day. It blazes forth all at once in all its fullness, when the practice has matured to perfection. So the bottom line is – it takes a fraction of a second. You are either awake in pure …

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Kabir Doha

Link to Original Document Struck by a bladless spear, he sits under the tree Surely he will die either today or tomorrow. Kabir This is a  difficult passage to understand, but this is my interpretation.  Bladeless spear – is awakening of the shakti or divine grace.  It is a spear since it penetrates the human …

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Link to Original Document Someone once asked The Unknown Wanderer to show them the Tao He looked in all ten directions He looked deep within His heart of Hearts He looked into their eyes touching their very Soul He even looked into the hidden Essence He looked at the origin of Origins He even unfurled …

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