Part 2. Not touch… and thoughts

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So I said earlier. Thoughts are powerful. Very powerful

And man was made in image of God

Yogananda said, this whole universe is nothing more than thought of God! In a second he can dissolve it and build it up again.

So like God we too have power in our thoughts and words. Use it carefully. Do not hurt others. Help them. Don’t infiltrate it with your poisonous words and actions. Do not carry hostility.

So when you meditate and go deeper and deeper , you can create a palace like Babaji did. Just with a thought.

So with pure consciousness when you reach there, these things happen. It is very far from our current status. Jesus could perform miracles. But we can’t. Many many other great Saints did miracles. This was in part their secret

They have no role in spiritual progress but reveal the need for purity and getting rid of all our worldly thoughts

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