Rumi – so straight forward

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You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean, in a drop. Rumi

It seems impossible to comprehend this. Normally we think that God is the ocean and we are a drop or a wave.

Rumi gives us a different perspective. The drop in the second line refers to the dot , the apex of samadhi That is how aum is written. The orange dot above the blue line. See my drawing below

The three colors, yellow, red and black are A and U and M. The blue is Savikalpa called ardha matra. Thus the symbol is a perfect symbol to represent God, the holy trinity and whatever else people generally understand.

He says from that drop we have become the ocean – the wave of multiple thoughts within thoughts to more thoughts And emotion. This indeed is quite vast

There is a more perfect meaning but that meaning is not meant for a public forum but something a teacher can teach his disciple.

Maybe I am wrong

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