Is there a soul or multiple souls

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Let’s face it. Science has progressed. It has progressed a lot ! It can see planets billions of years away and can analyze the body at the magnetic field level

They have done an MRI of every part of the human body. How come they have not seen a soul?

Does it not exist?

My answer, just my Answer is – it belongs to a different dimension. Our technology can’t analyze or go to other dimensions. Out technology can’t see other universes or dimension. It cannot see Heaven. It can’t see beings in heaven.

Now the first step in meditation is to go those dimension. First the subtle world. And then casual world. Then soul level. And then there are three other levels beyond that

It absolutely amazes me When People give me examples of progress based on this Physical world or give me scientific proof in this world.

The only thing that happens is peace in mind. Other things can happen including miracles but that happens only after the other dimensions are perfected.

For now change and improvement in personality, peace, less desires for this world is good enough

However if you feel this world is where you want to look for and pretend you are going within that would be self deception

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