May 2021 archive

Time passes by

Link to Original Document Time passes Some wishes granted Some wishes thwarted The body gets older A wasted life On trivial pursuits All the money All the fame Caught in mayas game Be thou smart Use Yoga’s Art Learn to part From maya’s tart Win Gods’ grace Use Guru’s given mace Finish your race At …

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Examine your mind

Link to Original Document If only you kept a mental diary of your mind If you observe Your mind (and since we identify with mind and all it’s garbage constantly) we can learn something important. The mind has two tendencies. One is it likes to dwell on things that are fun. It could be anything. …

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The greatest gift from God

Link to Original Document This might be hard to believe But it is true. The greatest gift from God is not to have any of your wishes fulfilled. There are many things needed to reach the highest / nirvikalpa samadhi Vivekananda said A human body A true living Guru Desire to be liberated The hardest …

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