A message from Mirdad

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A perfect unit is the Earth. Why do you persist in disremembering her with swords and


Obedient and carefree is the Earth. Why are you so full of care and insubordination?

Yet more enduring are you than the Earth, than the Sun and all the spheres in the heavens. All

shall pass away, but you shall not. Why tremble you as leaves in the wind?

If nothing else can make you feel your oneness with the Universe, the Earth alone should make

you feel it. Yet Earth herself is but the mirror wherein your shadows are reflected. Is the

mirror more than the mirrored? Is the shadow cast by a man more than the man?

Rub your eyes and be awake. For you are more than earth. Your destiny is more than to live

and die and to provide abundant food for the ever-hungry jaws of Death. Your destiny is to be

free from living and from dying; from Heaven and Hell and all the warring opposites incumbent

on Duality. Your destiny is to be fruitful vines in the eternally fruitful vineyard of God.

As a living branch of living vine, when buried in the ground, strikes root and ultimately

becomes an independent, grape-bearing vine like its mother with which it remains connected,

so shall Man, the living branch of the Vine Divine, when buried in the soil of his divinity,

becomes a god , remaining permanently one with God.

These are Beautiful lines from the book of Mirdad. A perfect book written by Mikhail Naimy.

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