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The human mind itself is full of sceptical imaginations, wrong ideas, distrust, ignorance and unhappiness. This ignorance is the cause of distrust, the source of anguish. The human intelligence is an instrument of ignorance. Very often wrong thoughts and false ideas come to it, yet it believes that its ideas alone are true. The mind is not even inclined to consider whether there is any mistake in its thought or, if so, where lies the mistake. When the mistake is pointed out, it does not like to own it and becomes angry and unhappy, yet it derives great pleasure from finding fault with others. When it hears any criticism of others, it immediately accepts that as true without even considering how far it might be true. It is difficult for faith and trust to grow in this type of mind. That is why you must not listen to ordinary human beings or accept their influence within you. If you want to hear the truth, you have to go within you and awaken the psychic being and from there true intelligence will grow in the mind, true emotion and feeling will come to the heart, true inspiration will rise in the vital; the psychic light will bring a new vision of man, objects, circumstances and the world; ignorance of the mind, wrong seeing, incorrect thinking, disbelief and mistrust will cease for ever.


Sri Aurobindo, Letters of Sri Aurobindo, Translated from the Original in Bengali.

My comments

These are very enlightening words by Aurobindo. This is the real reason why people can’t find a Guru or even when they find one cannot make progress.

I say many things, all true. But you will only accept only those things that are filtered by your intellect. People are more likely to believe the fake information on the internet than from an enlightened person. If I say something, you will do a Google search to confirm it. Or find a statement from another person like Yogananda or some other source to confirm it

And this is the catch 22. If you don’t do that, you will get trapped by a fake Guru. Right now there is no true Guru out there. There are a few Guru who can awaken your shakti but they can’t take you to the highest.

And if you try to confirm everything A great person says you will not find any book or internet source. So they keep Things hidden.

And on top of this your own mind will play tricks with you.

What is the solution? First find someone who is very advanced. Once you find that person , stop your search and stick to that person. In time that person will accept you and help. It does not happen overnight. A Guru who accepts a disciple readily and accepts a million disciples is most certainly not a Guru. A true Guru has only a few disciples but may have followers. The flowers may think they have a Guru but that is not true. There is something unique and specific that occurs between a Guru disciple. I have alluded to it

It is sad but what is the solution? When the mind can only compare with the physical world and only have imagination of the other worlds or often have vision from a deranged mind – what can be done?

The essential ingredient is missing

What is the essential ingredient?

Sincere interest in escaping from the clutches of earth / death

Lack of interest in enjoying this world

Once those two are established, it becomes easier.

Often times people think they are sincere but they deceive themselves. They want to be a Guru. Collect information. And in the guise of helping others they did their grave deeper.

Such people may not realize it but they are spotted a mile away.

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