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We have lived in ignorance for a long time. You may think you are intelligent and wise. But the roots of ignorance are so deep that you will not be able to shake it

So we may pray. We think using words and giving our sentiment to God is a prayer. It is. But there is a higher prayer. You give yourself to God and say let it be thy will. You might Agree with this but you still have not understood it. Giving yourself means knowing you are the soul. Known by experience and not just logic. That means you no longer think you are the body or think you have a body. Even if it is experienced for a minute

Or you go to a temple or you start chanting. But God is interested in your purity and not idle words where in your heart you want pleasures of the life!

But these things – chanting, rosary, going to temple, using words are so ingrained in us we only accept that. And if anyone gives you the right method you will not give up the other tradition.

Most people will be attracted to someone who agrees with their not so direct methods. And they will continue in that path

Me? I am simple. I go stray to the core. And can only think that as correct. But your old method will not let you grasp what I say. Isn’t that very curious?

Even if you followed and accept what I say, your old habit will not be easy to break. But it is worth while. ! Why remain a beggar and bound when you can know your true higher self , always free?

Curiously, no one wants it. No one one asks that question. Very strange

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