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This word refers to ignorance. What is the cardinal ignorance? You can say that the cardinal ignorance or more appropriately, lack of knowledge is that of God or your self. That is why so many religions and so many opinions. Everyone of them has zero experience of God or self or so miniscule that they preach foolishness.

I am not referring to the ignorance that people talk about in the world. So I am not referring to ignorance of not knowing how to treat a disease or how to solve world political matters or not knowing how to sing.

Those are trivial compared to the cardinal ignorance above

So there are two types of cardinal ignorance or Agyan

Boddha or baudha agyan

Purusha Agyan

Baudha Agyan is is the first thing that we have to get rid off. What is that? That is the agyan or ignorance of not even knowing which are the accurate scriptures and what is the correct method to get back to God. Countless people have spent many lifetimes trying to figure this out. The Christians believe Jesus is the son of God and he is the only way back to God. It says so in the Bible. The Islamic faith believes Mohammed Paigamber was the last prophet. The Vaishnavs believe Krishna is the Supreme Godhead and ISKCON is a classical example of the same. Judaism believes in the Torah, a book which was there before the creation. Swaminarayans believe that Swaminarayan is the highest and they show a video depicting all the layers with Swaminarayan at the highest. They build temples weigh Pramukh swami in Gold and use the fortune to build temples.

I mean no disrespect to any. So the question is who is right and who will you and who should you follow. Every person is very adamant about what they believe in. Sadly they can be entirely wrong but they will stick to it. Do you see why the first step is getting rid of the Baudha Agyan. Which in other words, is picking the right and correct understanding and experience.

So I have my own thinking. I maybe right. I most certainly think I am right. What do I think? Not so fast. Why do you care? You should not even care. This is the right time to leave. What will happen, if you are insecure in your knowledge, you will want to know and then say…no…and go about your usual way. If you are secure in your will read what I have to say, just to justify your anger and throw a debate. Please dont. Just depart. I have no desire to justify or prove. If you think I am stupid and wrong, I accept it. Just let me dwell exactly as I am. I am quite content actually. If you think I am right, then why are you wasting time..reading my blogs? That is so foolish. Look for someone who can awaken and give you the power to be like I am.

After all this, the highest shastras, are the Agamas and trikka. You will not find them easily on the net. And what you will find is wrongly translated in many many places. Why wrong? Because it was translated by those without any experience.

In Hinduism, they say Ganesh loves the laddu. Now if you followed the Agamas, you would know the deeper meaning and say wow. If you do not understand it even though you read it, you will assume, Ganesh as a God, who has preferences for Food. Do you see where i come from? Just because you read something, your interpretation can be very very wrong.

So, sadly…..the billions upon billions people will be stuck in their wrong way and path. And false understanding. They will dance, jump, shout out loud the name of God. I wish I could tell them, God is not deaf. He can hear the walk of an ant, and the sound of every leaf dancing in the wind. No reason to perform antiques.

Best wishes. Like I said, I have my own thoughts. I knew I was crazy. Now you have your proof about it. Hopefully, you will come to your senses and stop reading what I write.

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